Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is used for hook and crooked noses. With ultrasonic rhinoplasty conventional techniques like breaking bones are not used. This method is carried out by cutting-edge technological products. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty allows for the bones to be flexed and corrected controlledly with ultrasonic waves.   Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

has more successful results compared to the conventional methods. Ultrasonic waves have a more clear vision of nasal bones. For this reason, it can be defined as a method that offers more efficient and exact solutions. With this technique bones are cut controlledly and shaped based on milimetric measurements. This method by no means damages the capillaries and soft tissue in the nose. The only downside of the technique is that it leads to bruising and swelling of the nose. Nonetheless, the patient will have the desired nose shape given that nasal bones are cut precisely.

What Are the Advantages of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty?

When it comes to the advantages of ultrasonic rhinoplasty, the most essential must-know is that it is performed as open surgery. In conventional methods where tools like a hammer is used, the nasal bone is cut disproportionally. To the contrary, with ultrasonic rhinoplasty, the bones are cut precisely since bones are visible concretely and measured accurately. As bones are also cut controlledly, the exact outcome desired by the patient can be achieved. Another important aspect of this technique is that it doesn’t lead to bruising and swelling which are quite common with conventional methods. Therefore we can say that ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a more advantageous method. Considering the total duration of the operation, ultrasonic rhinoplasty takes approximately 15 minutes. As such, it is an easy and quick procedure. The short healing time is due to bones not being broken during the procedure.

Following an ultrasonic rhinoplasty, patients must be cautious about the following:

  • To avoid pressure on the nose, the patients must sleep on their side.
  • In case of edema, creams can be applied with the doctor’s recommendation.
  • The patient must sleep keeping the head elevated.
  • Ice packs can be applied on the nose to reduce bruising and swelling.

General Information About Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

  • It is applied based on the facial features of the patient.
  • The doctor will implement this method if suitable for the patient’s face.
  • The nose has a natural appearance with this method.
  • It is a very easy procedure.
  • It is quite pleasing for the patient aesthetically.
  • It is known as the most widely used method.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is rather painless. Some patients do not experience any pain. Moreover, complications due to rhinoplasty are minimized. The main reason this method is easily applied is that bones are not broken. Furthermore, adverse conditions like infection of the bone are not observed. It is very easily applied to patients with thin nasal bone structure and bones can easily be intervened. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty in no way harms the soft tissue for which reason it is accepted as an advantageous technique.

It is the most widely used method in Turkey and worldwide. Ultrasonic devices perform the rhinoplasty operation with ease by making back-forth, left-right and circular motions. With mechanical tools this is a rather challenging procedure and the desired outcome may not fully be achieved. Although ultrasonic rhinoplasty has many advantages, it also comes with some downsides. Since it is an ultrasonic device it can overheat the bone due to which some tissue damage may be observed. It also hinders the identification of the incision depth and the doctor’s sensitivity to touch. In order not to come across all these unwanted circumstances, the doctor needs to have in-depth knowledge about how ultrasonic rhinoplasty is performed. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty should not be undergone with doctors who are not experts in the field. When performed by professionals, ultrasonic rhinoplasty can lead to a perfect nose and with correct techniques it harmonizes fully with the face.

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