Chin Implant

Chin implant consists of full or partial prosthesis surgically placed on the chin bone with the use of titanium posts. Implants knit together with the bone and provide stability for the bone. As a result of the operation, patients’ quality of life is significantly improved. Currently there are different types of implants available. Implants that are placed inside the chin bone and under the outer membrane of the bone are most widely used. The former is surgically placed inside the chin bone while the latter are placed under the gums, over the chin bone.

Nose Doc Clinic sucessfully performs chin implant operations with specialist dentists. Since chin implants last for a lifetime, the operation offers permanent solutions to patients.

When Are Chin Implants Used?

Chin implants target a wide array of patients. Primarily, patients with a small, recessed or weak chin may prefer chin implants. Furthermore, chin implants may offer the desired appearance to patients who complain of disproportionate facial features.

The following results are achieved with chin implants:

  1. Correction of weak or recessed chin.
  2. Improved appearance of neck line and chin contour.
  3. Reduction of the full or double chin appearance caused by a small chin bone.
  4. Proportionate appearance of the chin with other facial features.
  5. Improvement of the overall appearance.

Chin implants are modelled to fit the patient’s chin bone. They are generally made of silicon or similar biocompatible materials. Their sizes and shapes may differ and the surgeon will decide the most suitable type for each patient.

How Is Chin Implant Operation Performed?

Following a consultation discussing the patient’s complaints, the specialist physician will do necessary blood tests and note the patient’s medical history. After the confirmation of no impeding circumstances for surgery, operation is scheduled. The operation is performed usually under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation.

A small incision is made under the chin or orally to allow room for the chin implant. The implant is placed to the surrounding of the chin bone. The operation usually takes less than 1 hour. The operation time may be longer in case of any additional procedures like rhinoplasty.

How Is The Healing Process After Chin Implant Operations?

Following a chin implant operation, patients can get back to office work and resume most of their daily activities within 7 days. Pain and discomfort are minimal for which pain killers prescribed by the doctor can be taken. Your doctor will explain to you in detail all post-operative precautions. Following these instructions are crucial for a successful result.

Nose Doc Clinic helps you make your dream look come true with chin implant surgery.